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Welcome to Hotel Mediaworld !

We offer you an innovative information stock for the whole national and international Hotel business. We inform you about dates for fairs and other events, you get tips about books and software, which was investigate from us as well as other users from this website. You also get important allusions for you education, further education, the terms of master studies, bachelor, hotel businessman and similar seminars. We introduce hotel and management school from all around the world. You do your own part to create these sites just by rating or voting on some of those suggestions. There are recommendations to support your personal career with individual tips for your self promotion and marketing. Sounds interest for you, you can find more about it here

Maybe you find our web portal interested or would like to work with us together, than why you do not just become on of our partners. We offer you different programs and conditions. You can get more about it here.

We create, together with branded worldwide institutes a workbook of references especially for the hospitality industry. On this you will everything lexicon about special knowledge, bookkeeping, calculation, business management, marketing, wine knowledge, menus, hotel law, advertising, public relation, beverage knowledge or hygiene rules like HACCP or USPH and many more other things. Of course this can be just a small part of it. This encyclopedia can has much more to find out, than just this one. This work of reference is available in German and English.

As a special offer, we would like to recommend our Combilexikon. On this one you will get both versions together on only one CD –Rom. These lexicons give you the opportunities to use it also as dictionary between the German and English Version. You can search for special words on both languages. At this time, the Combilexikon is on sale, but for short time only. You will save more than 30 percent compared to the regular price. Well, just have a look on our shop and find out more.

This lexicon contains more than 5000 pages with many of information’s, which will be very easy for you to use during your daily work with the computer. Forget the time, were you spend a lot of time by carrying and searching articles on books or brochures. Another advantage, which you will realise soon, is that you have all together, don’t care which department you work. You are not yet convinced, than jus take a look on our download page. You will get a small preview of files from those, which you can expect for the entire hospitality encyclopaedia. Here it starts.

This extensive wide hotel work book is made for all hotel professions, like Cook, Restaurant expert, Hotel expert, Hotel Master, Restaurant Master or Hotel Business Man. You don’t mind, in which department you work if its Housekeeping, Reception, Restaurant, Kitchen or inside the Management, these documents can be adjusted perfectly to your own settings and requirements.

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