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Almost everybody wants to join the top, just the one who doesn’t have any self confidence or any power to climb up this ladder.
Otherwise this motto counts: Applause for the winner and leniently ignorance for the rest.

So everybody starts to run for the pool position, give speed and make up their whole life as formula one race, but just with one winner, this counts also if there are similar competitors on the surrounding. But who will win? Who got the aggressive bite, the necessary consequence to leave all the others behind? Does self confidence help, disturb it or is the internal feeling not valuable. What mark the people who climb up on the mountains of the Himalaya or those who win the formula one race and what about all the business giants in the management of international management, which help to start merger or leading and supervise many processes? What can catapult you to the top? Because of all simple answers are wrong but all right answers are not simple, I will try to give you a guideline, a sign on the ground, which is filled up with new roads at all the time.

Of course all of us know that many ways are going to Rom and to the top, but on some of them you can reach your target faster and on other you need longer. We distinguish two different main ways. Self confidence is good, if it goes together with high performance and motivation. It results into realistic self estimations of strong and weak sides, it helps to detect own mistakes, it also make it possible to accept and realize the competences and strong sides of others and even support them, because contrasts are not unbearable and oppositions are even shown as attractive.You will appear as convincingly, sovereign and can be good integrated, because you don’t see oppositions and contrasts as something disturb able. You search the success, if you try to be better than others and not because you make your self smaller than you actually are.

Therefore you can manage something, what is missed in our daily routine at most of the time. This is to give others orientation and feedback. This counts for positive and negative parts.You are not afraid to solve conflicts but you do not search for them at all the time to prove you’re self on different tasks. You can show appreciation and respect to others as well as you can give them the feeling that you really need them.You are authentic and you stand for clear positions and statements. You know your own borders and you also accept the opinion of others. You learn from failure and take on the personal challenge.

Take care and give time to be sure that your batteries are always properly full. Don’t think that you are insatiable! You know that you are big but you also mention that there are somebody bigger than you, but you don’t feel sad about, no you see this as a part of your job and your life.

And now to the other part, we are talking about the manager of the economy, the sport, the religious life, the journalism and the politician leader with high performance and motivation but low self confidence. Always under pressure. Not just strong and powerful, but also always in competition with others. While others are seeing effort as part of their life, for them life would be nothing without it. They live to work. Perfectionism is part of the program. Impatience with themselves and others is the spice during their daily communication.

Pressure looks like a ladder, which can move up everything.

They are the leaders, which see the dominance over the others as young well for their life.They are not just searching for the success over them, no especially over others.
Every small success is a big one and every small decline is a big one too, or she never happens. They are good as a bad loser during a never ending fight. Positive feedback? Don’t must be. Negative feedback? Constantly tips for the mistake can just move them forward. The climate is always irritable, because the internal pressure is going over to their behaviour. Greatness will be just accepted if it’s the own one. Exhaustion of others and from them self are safe and fixed values. Regeneration will be ignored often, because she disturb on the way up to become irreplaceable. Signs and symbols of status quo are more relevant for them than for others

How can we define the word – self promotion?

Self promotion can be describe as excessive growing of own tasks and competences.Also it can be shown as reduce of facts like own weak sides or the not accepting mistakes on the daily surrounding. Therefore self-promotion is always just like balancing act between delusion and advantage. You must be always carefully weigh up, how you show your self in front of others

Everybody wants to arrive on the top – but with different self confidence, but other people decide who is big. Barracudas get different playgrounds and rules than dolphins or others.


  • Realize which playground you belong to or in which water you are moving

  • Make sure you find out what kind of fish you are. Self reflection can’t damage.

  • Check out how which effect you have on your surrounding and for other people

  • Search for the fish swarm and the connection you need to feel loved enough

  • Only swim inside the playground, which fits your personal and intellectual faculties

  • You must decide if you will play a part in team and become successful together with other or you will act as a competitor and fight for your success alone and against the others.

  • Ask your self early enough the questions, which perhaps you never need to answer. Do you want positive success, power or greatness?

  • When you are already 60 go to the kinder garden and ask a young kid, Why you love your parents?
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